Friday, June 15, 2012

Just a fun time!

                                                                Sabrina has always had a lot of attention
from her siblings, it is just hard to get pictures.

And she likes our little dog too!

short video of Sabrina

Just an angel

Sometimes, when the day comes to an end and you know its time to rest you see this little sleeping one. She is so innocent and so sweet that you must stay just a while to watch over and just for a bit. She depends on us for so much just like a new born depend on their parents to take care of them to love and hold them. To help when they fall or get hurt.Their are so many who walk away by choice not knowing what they have been given. An opportunity to learn compassion and love above and beyond what they could have ever imagined. She has become one of the greatest teachers I have or will ever have, she is an incredible little girl!

Brina and her dad