Friday, March 18, 2011

Keeping her healthy

I have always done compressions, (at least thats what my doctor called them) on Sabrina to keep her lungs clean and healthy, I think every parent should learn to do this with any young child. Especially with trisomy 18 infants, by doing compressions on a regular basis her lungs have not had any fluid build up. I don't do as regularly now as I used to but I still do them a couple of times a week. I will right up an article on this and post in a few days.    


Sabrina is now 13, a milestone for someone with trisomy 18! She is such a little wonder, she just makes us happy everyday!
She still eats pureed food and has fun with her family, she has a walk about she gets in everyday. She does her leg exercises everyday. I spend a lot of time playing with her and singing to her, she tries to mimic things I say but her vocabulary is very very limited to moma, dada, and just a few others. She used to call her sister hava, but she hasn't seen her for so long she doesn't say that much.
Sabrina has a very hard time gaining weight, so she is on a high calorie diet, however for christmas this year I got a magic bullet. This has made pureeing her food so much easier, she gets salads and more fun food that was a lot harder to do in my blender. Today was a hard day for her, she didn't sleep well last night and had to have medicine for pain.  She has reflux so even with her medicine she has a hard time with the first few bites and then she does good.