Monday, August 31, 2009

Here I am!

I was born February, 1998 and I weighed in at 6lbs. 5ozs. I have dark hair, all my sibling were born with hair. After my mom went to the hospital she was in labor for a long time about 10 hours. I wasn't coming and she didn't dialate so they gave her medicine to help her dilate didn't work. My little heart didn't like all of this and it started to show stress on the baby heart monitor. So my mom was preped for a c-section. And about an hour later I was born, I did ok for a couple of hours but then the nurses called my doctor back to the hospital, I was having trouble with every 10th breath. They put me on oxygen and then the doctor noticed some other problems with my hands and my heart. So he called the doctors at Primary Childrens Medical Center in Salt Lake City Utah. And after a talking with them, it was decided that I needed to be transported to Salt Lake to Primary Childrens (abbr: PCMC). And of course it was a severe snow storm so I was taken by ambulance, it was too cold for the helicopter. Papers were signed by my mom and pictures were taken by the EMTs that run the ambulance. PCMC sent their own ambulance up to get me because their ambulance carries special equiptment for children & infants. I was put in a glass incubator and off we went away from my mom. She couldn't leave the hospital yet, she had complications after I was born.

just starting

Hi my name is Sabrina I was born with trisomy 18, I am also mosaic 80% of my 18th chromesome has a whole third piece 20% is normal. Where the 80 and  20% are located in my little body are completly random. My genetics doctor said that you can take a piece of my liver go a 1/4 of an inch take another piece and the genetic results would be different. One piece could be normal, one piece could have trisomy 18. This is how my whole body is, when people meet me sometimes they want to know if what I have is contagious. My mom lets them know that you have to be born with this, they can't catch anything and I love hugs so I usually reach out for a hug.
I am 11 years old now, I am the sixth child in my family and I am everybodies favorite! My mom is going to tell you all about me but this will take sometime so be patient, Thanks Sabrina
This is a photo of Sabrina at Jackson Lake Lodge in May 2009. This was taken when we dropped her big sister off to work there. She misses her big sister alot. But her brothers spend a lot of time with her so that helps alot!
More to come so check back oftem