Saturday, March 23, 2013


Sabrina had pneumonia for the first time, and we had to put her on oxygen. Her doctor gave me the option to keep her home or put her in the hospital, we kept her home and checked in with the doctor regularly. She was very willing to have the oxygen and not pull it off. The doctor gave her an antibiotic which we made sure she took til they were gone. She maybe very disabled and can't talk but I know she understands a lot. My son talked to her about keeping the oxygen on while I got other things ready. Making sure she is hydrated is vitally important to getting well. Staying hydrated when your sick is hard, keeping Sabrina hydrated is very hard. so I just did it by the clock every 15 minutes, didn't get a lot of sleep. But she is better now, but weening her off the oxygen has been a slow process. She is finally back to eating normal and being her cute self again.